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Scotty called us in the morning – asked him to our party tonight. Spoke with Drue. We’d changed time til 9:00 Made more sense Drue + Dick are giving us the tickets last night for a wedding present. We went up to Chemical Bank (NO more N.Y. Trust in the name!) + met Lester + Julia + had a quick look around. Went over to Sardis for a very gay lunch with 3 bloody Mary’s for me + 3 martinis for Dick. Everything had gone so well that I told Lester to invite Julia I’d originally said no while we were still in Vegas + Dick was up tight about meeting people. Julia is handling my acct. now. She’s a gay pleasant person + seems extraordinarily with it. Lester’s dachshund [crossed out word] is named Herman + that clinched it with him + Dick. His dog is about to be a father + we’ve been offered a puppy. At the moment we’re taking it. Next stop Bank of N.Y. at 2:45 to cash a check Went to see Jim Fleming who promptly took us over to the Algonquin + bought us 2 more drinks. Then at 4:30 back to the Chelsea where we started inviting people. Co + Russell Eddy + Amelia, Drue + Dick. Mary Parker + friend (named Polly Ferguson). Mary + Saul. (They came although Mary was going into the hospital tomorrow for induced labor with second baby!) Scotty + Harriet. Harold couldn’t come. Nor Lester + I couldn’t reach Peggy Pope. Dick was helpfully pouring bourbon the while I called! We went out at 8:15 to get the liquor + snacks + glasses – etc. for the party. No time to eat dinner. Talk about dumb! All the above mentioned appeared. Dick was absent for an hour or so. Went to get the car + planned to drive to Philadelphia + “get that over with.” Thank God he changed his mind + “went into a bar to sober up.” Thank God They wouldn’t serve him so he came weaving back midway into the party. Having missed Russell in White Nehru Jacket + beads who’d been combing the local bars with Eddy as support in search of the missing guest of honor. Drue + Dick had taken a nap + almost missed the party. Arrived when Scotty did at midnight. Harriet there in plaid trimmed dark glasses upset by her face lifting but from what I remember she looked great. Mary Parker sat on Dick’s lap + I got furious. Scotty got very drunk + chased Polly F. into the closet. Mary + Polly left soon after. Dick dozing through alot. Eddy + Amelia, Dick + Drue + Scotty the last to leave but much of this is later information