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Woke around 8 to discover I’d gone to bed with my lenses. Took them out + went back to bed. Eyes sore as hell. Jessie came by to say goodbye + told us Mary Jean was coming to lunch. I took a shower hoping to be able to see a little better but couldn’t. Mary Jean looked wonderful + she + Dick got along famously. “Lunch” consisted of a couple of bloody Marys!! When I asked Colby did find some crackers. I asked Colby if she wanted Alaria + she was delighted. I put the price at $15,000.00 which I know is Way under but I’d like her to have it. After Mary Jean left, Dick + I drove in to the Chelsea Hotel. The first room was so god awful I asked for another. Not too lovely but at least Dick didn’t see the first as he was parking the car. The fuse was blown + the handy man took forever to repair it. When he finally did we made love + took a nap. Up at 7 + dressed for The Theatre. Picked up our tickets + had a bite at Howard Johnsons. Our seats were second row center!!! The play “The Great White Hope” Was absolutely Marvelous. James Earl Jones was brilliant. Lou Gilbert, Jimmy Pelham + Jane Alexander were all wonderful + nobody was bad. Gil Rogers played the exchamp + was remarkably good. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe it + Dick was completely engrossed. I wanted to stop by + tell James Jones how much I liked his performance but I got cold feet + couldn’t. We called Harold Stern + went up to see him. He has only one bird left. Things haven’t been going well for him but his sense of humor remains intact We left about two. Came back to the hotel. Called Scotty but after 5 rings decided he must be asleep so went to bed.

Dick called George tonight + Irene told him “he’s Drunk!” – Also that they hadn’t worked for 3 days because of weather.