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David stopped by to say goodbye –

Sent off a package of stuff to Las Vegas that we won’t be needing plus presents. Daddy joined us for breakfast. Hilary told me yesterday that he was delighted with Dick + I was so happy. Hated to say good bye to Daddy. Dear, dear Daddy. His book incidentally is in its final stages + we saw the end papers + lay out + binding + I think it’s going to be lovely. We drove down the Vermont side. Pouring rain after we left N.H. We got to Simsbury at 1:10 + Cotton looking just darling was ready in minutes. Off to Farmington where Winnie was waiting outside Main. She looks awfully well + I’m delighted She’s so happy there. We went to The Corner House for a heavenly lunch. The girls so cute. They had shrimp cocktails + oysters (4 between them) while we had a couple of bloody Mary’s + then they had steaks + I had fish + I forget Dick’s choice. We gave them each $5 after lunch. Certainly 2 easier to please children would be hard to find. We left Winnie first as she had to be back by 3 + then took Cotton back to Ethel Walkers. The drive down to Riverdale was really hairy because of the rain. We got there about 6 o’clock (Had a couple of drinks + then Russell went out for Chinese food. Anthony wasn’t his usual sunny self + I was sorry as I wanted Dick to meet him at his best. Jessie going through all the agony of being accepted at College. Syracuse has accepted her but now she doesn’t want to go. Co + Russell as always welcoming + easy to be with. We played Poker + Dick + I lost as the evening waxed on. But it was alot gayer than when Colby was losing at the beginning. Late drunk evening.