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Hard to get up at 5:30. Dick pushing. I resisting. Said I’d take a cab to the airport. He was understandably irked + stormed out of the house to get some doughnuts. I was ready by the time he came back + he apologized which was awfully nice as it was mostly my fault. He took me to the airport where I had coffee + cottage cheese for breakfast!!! Plane arrived at 8:45. I got a mustang from Avis after a few problems. Drove to Neil Sloane’s where George gave me a great hair cut. He may buy his own place in the Valley. Couldn’t start car. Asked help. Kindly passerby suggested I put it in neutral. Started car. Went to 9000 Sunset to bank. Closed out savings acct. Took $500 in cash + put $574 in checking. Closed out old 6th + Alvarado acct + deposited that too. Went upstairs + saw Tony Melia who said I looked great. He laughed about my 3rd D.W.I. He’s going to arrange for more insurance on my house. It won’t cost much and he’ll deduct it from the return on my automobile insurance. Gave me an addressed envelope to send back the policy. Got to Leon’s at 12:15. Ed Brennan, his little girl Linda + Jim O’Hara there. Leon so pleased to see me. Took me to Frascati’s for lunch. We talked about working and I told him I’d like 5 or 6 good jobs in a year if I could get them. That it was all right with Dick. I also told him that if I had a baby I’d be very happy. We went to his apartment where he gave me a bar case for Dick and a cake and some cabbage soup to give Timmy. And then he gave me a shawl that has been in his family for 200 years. “From the Heart.” Dear Leon. Took him back to the office. Bob Gravitch there. He’s gotten married to someone he met one evening + is bitterly unhappy. We didn’t talk about it. Saw Dorothy. Used Leon’s phone to call tax collector. Big mess. Leon gave me the legal description of property in Palm Springs. I went to house. Paul not there. He’d taken down my portrait + put it in closet upstairs. It’s my house + I felt both hurt + angry. My feeling was he’d had enough notice to put it back up. Left nasty note to that effect. Got scrapbooks + warm clothes. My mail not out either. Went to Timmy’s + called tax collector again. The Title Co. didn’t pay my 1st installment of taxes due Dec. 8th until March 25th!! Called Beth Mortimer who was furious with them + said she’d give them hell. Had lovely visit with Timmy. Took a no-doz after dinner with coffee. Paul came by with my mail as I was leaving + said my portrait dominated him. Was glad he’d come. Turned in car, bought a present for Dick. Timmy had lent me a suit case for my scrapbooks. Had drink on plane. In at 10:45. Dick met me. We went to Valley Bar. Home + sat up + talked + drank til 2 am!