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Dick off to court. Once more put off going for the car as I felt poorly. Hangover (not that we drank a great deal)? or Morning sickness? or not enough sleep? Think it’s the 1st + 3rd I read “World of Profit” – utterly engrossing. Dick home at 10:30 court postponed til afternoon. We had breakfast at a Denny’s and then got the car. Went to Vegas Village + bought groceries and hose + sprinkler. Dick bought me some shirts and I got some little towels to make into a bureau scarf for Sue’s room. Phil came over with Dick’s truck and had a couple of beers. He’s an awfully nice guy. Dick back to court + I started work on the office + Sue’s room. Hung pictures + did alot of cleaning Swept Patio etc. Dick home at 4:30. After losing two days over this stupid court thing it had been settled in the judges chambers. He took me to the MVD and I applied for a license + then promptly flunked the eye test. I should have worn my contacts. I knew my glasses were bad but not how bad. Felt awful about it. We had an ice cream + came home. I fixed Roast beef + gravy and rolls + artichokes for dinner Had only two drinks all evening + we went to bed at ten o’clock. Was so exhausted. Dear note from Timmy. Mary had called him the other morning at 7 am to tell him about Les’ father. I’ve lost Annie’s itinerary + can’t find it anywhere.