Up pretty early. Paid some bills. Wrote a letter to Bill Welborne with check for $350.00. Called Harold Stern + we had a good chat – Things are going very badly and he’s had to sell off a few of his possessions here + there. Not of course his records. How I wish I could do something for him but I don’t know what as he won’t borrow money. Made a sleeve chart for Bill’s sweater. Dick was home at 10 o’clock. Unable to eat until after the Dr’s appt. Bathed + dressed + napped. Mail came with 2 varieties and I was shocked to see that Elizabeth York Sapinsley died of lung cancer on the 24th of this month. Felt badly that I’d never called them. Alvin left now with 2 small children – Greg 5 1/2 and Anne 3 1/2. Dick off to Dr’s at 2:30. I napped until he got back. He’d had blood test, EKG + [crossed out letters] urinalysis. Appt. with Dr tomorrow. He lay down for a bit and I wrote Alvin + Les Sholty + Pat Sholty. Then finally started my letter to June which I’d put off so long. Sympathy letters so damn difficult. We went to Denny’s for dinner and then to see Shoes of the Fisherman. Anthony Quinn marvelous + Olivier + Oskar Werner but the movie despite it’s panoply and sweep was oddly lacking we both felt. Went to Village Pub after + had a beer + Dick had a hamburger. Told me he was a little worried about seeing the Dr. tomorrow which I’d suspected. We made a list of things to ask him – Blood pressure, the lump, cholesterol, headaches, nosebleeds, sleeping + eating habits etc. The lump of course is what scares us both I guess. We were home at midnight. The puppies had torn up the bedroom a little but could have been worse.