Up early. Dick feeling still badly – The lump in his stomach is very noticeable and it worries me. If anything happened to him I don’t know what I’d do. They didn’t deliver the concrete this morning so Dick + George were back at the house around 9:30. We listened to the Flip Wilson record. Irene called + said she’d stop by at 1:30. After D+G left I called Dr. Bentley’s office and managed to get a lab appt for Dick tomorrow and a Dr’s appt Friday afternoon. The girl there very nice. I went over to Vegas village + bought a few groceries and quite a few odds + ends. Also some more records including “Oliver.” Came back just as Irene got here. We had a very nice visit and I like her. Saw pictures of the children + showed our wedding pictures. She left at quarter of three. I read Hochner’s book on Hemingway today. Found it very interesting and moving. Amazing how much rubbish has grown up about “Papa.” Peter’s feeling that he’d “sold out” has to be discarded as obviously the man was no longer in control. Blah Blah Blah. [crossed out word] Mary called to tell me that “Senior” had died. I’m so sorry. She’s hired a secretary to take dictation. She’s putting together a book + wrote Louis Auchincloss to ask him how to get it published. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Dick home at 5 + told me he couldn’t make the appt in the morning. He called + changed it to 3 in the afternoon but we had a few words. He said I shouldn’t have “committed him” + as he’d told me to get one for Thursday [crossed out word] morning I got upset. Told him he wasn’t only wrong he was wrong + illogical. He made some sort of statement that the Dr. couldn’t “do it without ” him + I flipped. He’s the one that needs the Doctor’s services. All of which was quickly ironed out I told him he’s got to take care of himself if only for my sake. We had some wine + listened to records and I made pork chops Neapolitan. Bed by 11. Pleasant evening.