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Dick up at 7:30 + when I got up I found him in the kitchen cleaning up the last sq. foot of kitchen floor. Everything spic and span. My wedding present . We called Newcomb around 9:30. He’d won $400 last night! Said we’d be there around 11. Gave Dick wedding breakfast of meat balls + garlic bread. Opened Susie + Paul’s present. Susie gave us 6 of those lovely silver rimmed glasses + Paul gave us the beautiful decanter + 6 liqueur glasses that he’d sent home last summer from Czechoslovakia. Was very touched. We took the bar back to the rental agency + then to the Mint where we found Newcomb, Leon, Magda, Jane + Jim in a group! – All getting along famously. Susie + Paul not yet down. Janie won $39.00 last night. Jane, Jim, Sue + Paul left a little after twelve. Janie with $200, Jim with 2 new pairs of shoes and a hundred and thirty, Paul exactly even + Susan looking happy if not noticeably richer. Newcomb the next to leave at 12:45. Dick drove him to the airport. Am so glad he came as everyone loved him + he really made the occasion. Leon thought he was “great“. So do I. Dick back about 2:00. I’d won $40 at 21 + gave Leon $20. The four of us had a little lunch + then I called Mary + Les at the Flamingo. They were together so I didn’t feel too much responsibility towards them. Long pleasant chat with each of them. At about 4 sent Dick home for a nap while Magda + I played 21 and Leon remained glued to his slot machine. Magda + I had alot of fun. First a funny pit boss + then a nutty table with a middle aged nonstop talking couple, 2 crazy cowboys, an old man who blamed everything on Magda + so on. At one point when she went to the John I gave Leon some more money + then played no. 14 on roulette twice. The 2nd time it came up. with 1 25¢ chip in the middle of all four corners. I lost probably a total of about $50 but had given away that much while ahead + we were there all day. Dick came to get us at 8 o’clock + we went to the Algiers for dinner. Funny, Funny meal. Magda’s being here was [crossed out letter] really as blessed an event as Newcomb. We took them to the airport at 10:10 + then came home after stopping at Frank’s. Dick spoke to him about Helen but he hadn’t been aware. Met bartender named Gerry + met Elliot Thomas of Safeway Meat cutting fame. Came home around midnight. Raining + rain predicted