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Busy Day – Up at 8:30 – Bank at 10:00 – arranged for telegraph transfer of money to Vegas. Went to Motor Vehicle dept. on Cole St. Got license [crossed out letters] name + address changed + paid for 1969 registration – $43!! which seemed excessive. Went to Burlington Avenue + picked up turtle, [crossed out words] Bill Downey’s “L.A.”, my tiffany lamp and old vase. Went down into cellar + rescued “Tallahassee”. The Rubys have the most incredible amount of stuff. Never realized those rooms could seem tiny! But in the clutter they assuredly do. My clutter seems like nothing now. Brief glimpse of Jim Parker. Went to Miller’s stationary + bought some note paper and this diary – Came home + caught it up. Harry finished the upstairs shelves today. Starts in the living room tomorrow. I tried to clean the tree stains on rug + Leon’s leather chair without much success on either alas. Paid a few bills + sent in Players’ Guide entry. Spoke with Leon + it looks all right for tomorrow. Dick called at 4:15 + money hadn’t arrived. Called bank + it had gone out. Called him back. He checked with his bank who’d made a mistake. It had been sitting there since one o’clock. Mary called + sounded distracted + tight + reminiscent of old unhappier days. Wanted to meet me at Timmy’s for the turtle. Les couldn’t have the privilege of marrying her. Blah Blah Blah. She called back later. Margie had called Les up + told him to come back “Mom needs you.” So the three of them will be there. Also what’s really disturbing  – she’d called Newcomb + Daddy. Oh Hell – Poor Newcomb must think California is sliding into the ocean! Spoke with Iverson + cancelled Friday. Spoke with Mona who’s going to stay here over the weekend. Went to Timmy’s with Humbug + Barkis. Stopped for Brandy + a bottle of bourbon for him. We had pleasant evening. Watched “Bunny Lake is Missing.” Home by 11:30 – Called Leon. Still not definite about tomorrow night. It’s 12 now – I’ve put in a wakeup call for 8:00 + am off to bed.