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Tallulah died early this a.m. –

Day of hanging around. No news about work. Check came from Daddy. Went shopping for wrapping paper + Christmas favors for Timmy, Rich, Les, Eve + Mary. Went to post office + bought stamps. Mailed all the checks out to the children. Went to lamp place. Still not ready. Home + fixed mashed potatos etc. for dinner. Spoke with Dick. Apologized for last night’s tirade about driving. Blah Blah. Nice talk. Mary + Les came at 7 – Eve + Rich shortly after. Timmy by cab as car had given out. Nice evening. Food good. Mary very amusing. She + Les took Timmy home. Called Mona at home + things are very bad. Told her I’d sent $500 from the Rita Fund tomorrow. We talked nearly an hour. I drank madeira as we talked. Scotty called then at midnight + we talked another hour. Told him he could stay here if he came out. Bed at 1:30 –

Picked up pictures at Film Fan Foto.