Busy day. Up at 7:30 – Bathed + puttered. Went to Leon’s at 10. Picked up my resumes across the street. Nice job. Took Leon to barbers + bought some stationary while I waited + wrote in diary. We went out to CBS TV city + saw Virginia + her new Assistant Peggy Fleming (Flynn?) Then met Mr. Oronato of Wild Wild West + saw Pam Polifroni after all these years. She is very well. Ran into Ed Hartman’s secty. Went to UI for lunch. Saw Sidney Portiers in the commisary. Also Tom Williams whom I didn’t bother today. Saw Lane outside + am beginning to feel a little awkward about him. We went [crossed out word] over to see a really lovely woman named Jean Reilly next. Has a new series coming out – own project “Benjy + Me.” Liked her immensely. Saw David Victor who remembered me. (said Hello Patience out on sidewalk) Went up to Phil Roger’s office + My God Leon was right about the little blonde secty (about 25) having an ulcer. She was as shaken as I was. Went to the floor + met Wm Batkiner’s secty Ruth with whom Leon left a picture. Left Leon at 3. Went to see the dogs who were pleased to see me but didn’t cry when I left. They’re doing beautifully + seem very happy. Next stop Bekins – got more boxes + some packing papers. Cashed a check at Safeway + bought some makeup + contac at Super S.  Home Spoke with Mary. Called Leon’s office twice at his request but he wasn’t in. Dressed + went to Timmy’s. Had 2 drinks + then we drove out to the Palisades – near Ted’s Grill to see Sharon’s show at the “New Hope Inn.” Nice dining room. Good food. attractive atmosphere but the show was a disappointment. Although the tale is lovely – Jerry Devine + Sharon both very inferior. Had a brandy at Timmy’s + came home. Had fun with Timmy. Bed about midnight. 7:30 wakeup.