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As if I always looked like that! Spoke with Doug. Was very vague really about coming out. I just couldn’t focus. Called Paul who came over. The Finger print man came next. The man had taken a drink so he dusted all the bottles. Probably the guy came in the bedroom window. A table was under it. Called Leon + Dorothy. Said I doubted I’d be able to work Tuesday or Wednesday. Paul got a job so couldn’t take me to Doug’s. He gave me $50.00 + I took a cab around 1:30. Had called Bob Iverson too. Mona got one look at me + took me into back to lie down. Made coffee. Doug came in + his expression + Bob’s were so genuinely appalled that I suddenly felt for the first time like crying. Doug went over me very carefully. Called Dr.[crossed out letters] Wirk, an ear nose + throat man in. Bleeding in my left ear drum. Wirk suggested something called anonase. “Brings about a remarkable reduction of the swelling.” Bob Iverson came in again + told me I couldn’t stay in the house. Told me to get someone to take care of the dogs. Said you’re a good friend to people – now let them do something for you.” Doug called Leon’s office + told Dorothy I would not be able to work for probably two weeks. Gave me some painkilling medicine. Sent me to St. John’s for x-rays. My face excruciatingly painful. All my teeth loose. Didn’t get home til almost 6. Henry had been sitting in his car waiting for me. Paul came over Timmy called + I told him what had happened. The Erds called soon after. Paul said he’d look in on the dogs so I left them + went to Henry’s. Had alot to drink. Soup for dinner. Couldn’t open my mouth too wide. Bed quite early slept on couch.