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Millie came at 8:45. Gray day + was going back to bed when Bess called. I’d almost forgotten. Went picked her up + had steam bath + massage + facial. Came back via Safeway. Cashed check + bought things to clean with + dog food. Took my laundry + picked up great bundles of it. Spoke with Dr. Ware + Henry Jones + Leon + Timmy. Things began to get a little complicated about dinners etc + I lied here + there. Millie + I had sandwiches from the store. I wrote Mary Parker a rather funny letter + sent off the mail that’s been accumulating for her. I gave Millie a ride downtown to shop and I went to the automobile club on S. Figueroa + Adams + got a new membership + paid off my speeding ticket. My deadline on it was October 2nd. Somehow I’d had it in mind as being the 6th. Home + took nap. Paul called + said he was coming over. Doorbell rang + it was Jim Parker. Not looking too well. Said he’d had a breakdown when Mary left. Gave him a ham sandwich + some fresca. Door bell rang + it was Jane. She had a cup of coffee. Finally Paul came. He invited me + Timmy for dinner on Weds. He gave Jane a ride home. Jim stayed a few minutes longer then left. I took the dogs over to Timmy’s. A very nice evening. I knit quite a bit on Bill’s sweater. Have started the front Rt side now. Home by 11:30. Sat up + read “Cynthia” the spy story Jack Spieden had sent me. Kept hoping Dick would call but he didn’t. Went to bed about 3 am.