Heat 99 – Paul in + out all day – packing + cleaning + putting out the garbage which was nice. A letter came for Mary from Shirley + Bill which I read her. They have room for her including a bed. Good news + I think she was much relieved. Her plane to Chicago leaving at midnight. Another day of knitting + reading. Seri Murad called to say he’d like the apartment but now I’m not sure. Told him had another prospect and I’d let him know by Saturday. Mary C. came over in the afternoon for her bridge table + we had a nice visit. Jane popped in + out to pick up her sunglasses. Mary suggested I post a notice about the apt. in County General. After she left I called Doug who goes in there on Wed + who said if I left the notice at the desk for him in the morning he’d see it was posted where the residents + interns gather. I drove over to Leon’s about 7:30. He submitted me today for a part that sounds just great – a salvation army worker. Will keep fingers crossed. We had cold chicken, cold artichoke hearts + cold asparagus for dinner – preceded by caviar. It was a funny evening but I left early – about 10 o’clock. Called Leon when I got home + then had a beer + knitted + read some more. I’m loving David Copperfield. Wept copiously this morning at the death of his Mother. I guess it brought back Mother reading it to me.

Called Bert today about Phil Paulson + made date to take my film script over on Friday