Up fairly early. Mary Parker called. Not leaving til tomorrow. Mail came at 9:30 but no word from Bill + Shirley for her. It was a hot day and I stayed home through all of it. Knit + read alot of the day. Had to tear out all I’d done + start again. In order to get [crossed out word] the large size Bill wants I have to use the medium direction as I seem to be knitting much too loosely. I paid some bills and mailed them out along with Mary’s package to Winnie. I’m in a continuing state of apathy but the knitting I guess is something. Jane came over + then Phil Paulson, Bert’s physical therapist friend. I really liked him however he has to spend 3 nights a week in the Valley so that wouldn’t really solve my problems. Took Jane home – she ran into Paul at the store + then went on with the dogs to Timmy’s. We watched the opening “Laugh-In” – had good dinner and maybe a little too much to drink as I went on + on at great length about the significance of the house + Mary + Paul’s moving blah blah blah. Nice for me – a bit much for Timmy but I do feel I’ve put up with alot too. Got annoyed at him then for not wanting to talk to Carey + his wife about it. Came home + Paul was here + Tony Cedillo who came up on business + was staying an extra day to help Paul move. I had a couple of beers with them + then came down + went to bed. Very hot.