Tearful sort of day – Leon came over with somebody to look at the apartment (not interested) + while I was showing it to him Leon put a great big fish in my freezer. He also brought over some flowers. I was feeling pretty dreary + they left almost immediately. Jim Parker + a friend named Dan came over. Jim invited me to join them for dinner. I didn’t really say yes but I didn’t say no. Clifford. David, an actor in Ben’s play came over with a turkish friend named Siri Murad who wanted to see the apartment. He doesn’t have a car so it seems a little pointless. I made alot of calls today. Called Peggy Pope who said she had been thinking of calling me! As did Harold Stern. If true – how odd. Anyway both will do what they can for Mary Parker. I’ve spoken now with Eddie + Amela too + Scotty. Called David Kitchen and had very sad talk with Margaret. David has lost everything he has + Margaret is selling all their things to get enough to go back to England. She sounded so unhappy I was glad I’d called her. David has a job he couldn’t afford to turn down in a theatre in Virginia. He never should have left the theatre. I wrote notes to Dr + Mrs Sullivan, Norman + Miriam + Harriet. Mary’s mood was getting better + mine worse. Nancy Young came over + I decided not to have dinner with Mary + Jim. Called Jim but he sounded so unhappy I almost changed my mind. However I didn’t. Waved goodbye Mary in the gathering gloom + burst into tears. Bruce there + came in + had a beer with me + was very consoling. I gave him Leon’s fish + flowers. Went to bed about eleven/thirty. Started Bill’s sweater today + David Copperfield tonight.