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Somewhat better day although no reason for it. I guess the panic has subsided a little. Spoke with Mary C. over the phone. Still haven’t bought her birthday present. Went to Leon’s office at 2 o’clock. Got a ticket en route for speeding. The policeman thanked me for my “courtesy” + wished me luck in my career!! Went with Leon to “Scream Gems.” Saw Lou Deuser + had a nice chat in the ante room. Met Ernest Losso – casting director for “Bewitched” + Here come the Brides.” Liked him. Ran into dear Wes Kenney. Next to Columbia. Saw Fred Breskin – nice secty’ – Barbara Williams (?) who complemented me on Time of the [crossed out letters] Cuckoo.  Saw the name Dave Dwarski on a door + wondered if it’s the same David from “Take Her She’s Mine” Took a nap because I couldn’t think of anything else to do. Went to Timmy’s with Mary and Humbug Good dinner. On the way I thought of Annie Sullivan apt. + got all excited. When we got back we had some beer + I called Annie – got her about one. The place alas is sublet. Was sorry I’d talked so much about it. Went to bed around 2 am. Mary has been packing things + moving them out to Jim’s all day. Her mother called in the morning and told her to come home for a little which she’d planned to do.