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Sen. Ed Muskie Vice presidential nominee.

Was over at Studio City at 7. Makeup man Dick Cobos liked him. Hairdresser Armiene- funny lady + the hair band worked marvelous. Thelma the wardrobe lady a bit of a pain kept telling me she’d never seen anyone perspire so much + that I really had a problem. She’d been supposed to put shine in + forgot. Therefore I was late getting on to the set + she made my day by telling the AD (Richard Learman) that I had “a bit of an accident.” (Christ!) Charles Barton, the director looks like Mr. Magoo + couldn’t have been nicer. I played the part a little fruity and I suppose he liked it as nothing was said to the contrary. Had free time between 11 and two. Went to Ed Hartman’s office + autographed the book for him and we sat + talked for about 20 minutes then I went over to the “three sons” set. Old home week. Barbara Morrison was working + we had brief chat. Fred de Cordova kissed me + so did Bill Demarest. Very supportive to be so well remembered. Went to the trailer for a bit + went over the 2 speeches for the afternoon + wrote in diary. Went to the commissary for lunch about 12:15 and was joined by Bill Demarest + then Ed Hartman. Bill had gotten upset with Fred who’d meant to be funny but was needling him about lines. Too bad. I went back to Bill’s trailer with him for a few minutes and he told me to put $1 on #17 when I got to Vegas. Oddly enough so did Timmy (Bill gave me the buck) He invited me to lunch tomorrow. Saw Virginia Martindale. Other AD on the show John Gaudioso. The kids very cute + “Buffy” a darling. Ken Tobey, Pepe Hern, Sue Casey other actors. Brian Keith pleasant although very withdrawn. Was finished my bit around 4:30 but they kept me til nearly 6. Raced to the Pairon [crossed out word] Restaurant at the music center for Moose’s birthday party. Annie not there as the onstage girl drummer had broken her wrist + Annie had gone to the hospital with her. Fritz, Joe, Phil (?) Moose, Vicky (?) + Allen(???) Pleasant group but very rushed + I wasn’t dressed or with present. Took Hummy to the store + bought dog food + hairbands + beer. Had 2 of the latter with Mary Parker – 9 am call tomorrow. The heat unbearable. Looked at tomorrow’s lines + put in 7 am wakeup. I guess professionally it was a very good day today.