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Made a lot of calls today. Lunch tomorrow with Neil Burkhardt. Spoke with Henry who’s sounding better. Lee Garmes, Leon, Lee Hanna + Newcomb who said he’d written Daddy about his + Anne’s separation. I wrote Anne a long letter to accompany Mother’s journal. Janie came over at 2:30 to drive out to the Palisades with me to see Doug. I took Mother’s journal to Bob Iverson and he found it extremely touching. Said “your mother was a very sensitive woman.” We talked more then about anger and I told him about the time I’d hit Joan Crane and then years later – 16 months or so ago about hitting Peter. He asked me later about drinking now and I told him it had all changed + that there were no more arguments. However I neglected to tell him that there was physical frustration and that that has manifested itself when I’ve been drinking. I didn’t purposely omit that but there must be a strong subconscious inhibition about mentioning it or discussing sex. Will bring it up next time. Janie was late at Doug’s but she came back with me + helped fix dinner for Timmy, Erica the Erdmans + Mary Parker. Meatballs of course but the last of them. After we played bridge and I made a really horrendous goof playing in hearts went up later + had beer with Mary Parker. Spoke with Penny James today in New London about Doug’s offer to some young internist not really interested but good talking to her.