Busy Busy Day and gray. Up at 9. Ordered the liquor. Went to pick up Bess + had steam bath, facial + massage. Over to Vine American to get more plates + gummed guest cards + paper flowers. Safeway Drug center for ice chest, tamer slotted spoon + a few personal items. Home at 1:30. Messages from Monique James office – Henry Jones in the hospital with six broken ribs and a broken wrist. Was thrown from his sulky when the tree broke + horse bolted. He called himself + sounded ghastly. Mary + I went over to see him though + he looked remarkably well though disheveled. I sent him flowers with note “of all the people in the world this has to happen to me.” We didn’t stay too long. Talked with Bert + Barbara – they’re coming. Called Ed Hartman + Cynthia Lyndsay about Henry Saturday night. Mary P + I shopped at the supermart + came home with seven bags of groceries. Total bill however about $36.00 not bad. Ordered flowers for the party. We hung paintings. Have “Red Interior” downstairs now. Spoke with Donigs – they can’t come. Called Jenny Arniss who can come. Leon called quite a bit + by the end I was getting a little frantic as Mary + I were up to our ass in bitke balls. Jim P. over today + left [crossed out words] Abernathy. Hummy a nervous wreck. A bit thick. Mary + I rolled nearly 200 meatballs + sauteed them + she got six huge loaves of garlic bread prepared. Not finished until [crossed out letters] after 1 am. Tired. Made list of stuff to do tomorrow. The worst I think is over + things seem under control. Janie coming to help in the afternoon. I finally found Mother’s journal + will send it off to Anne as soon as the party is over. Had pleasant chat with Mary + have invited her and the kids plus David + Deb + Les + Mike to dinner Friday night. She starts jury duty tomorrow – Put in wakeups for 7:30 and 8:00.