Up at 9:30 to plug in coffee + Annie gone – God knows how. Went back to sleep for another couple of hours. Fran Turner Whitfield called at 11:30 – nice chat. Looking forward to meeting her + getting started on the book. Spoke with Lee Hanna + she + Marc coming. Called Rae O’dell to tell her I’d given her name to Neil Burkhardt. Tried Penny + Bill James again without luck. Went upstairs + went over guest list and shopping lists with Mary Parker. I think things should be pretty well under control. Janie called + offered to help, also wants to spend Tuesday night here – fine. Mary Parker + I hung the paper garlands – “instant party” and made the Hallmark paper lion centerpiece. I knit hard on Leon’s sweater but discovered about 1 am that I’d divided wrong at the neck and the whole thing is off center Had to cut 8 inches off the front. Despair + it can’t possibly be ready [crossed out letters] for Tuesday night. Mary P + I went to Timmy’s for dinner. And then stopped by to see Leon who’s getting all excited + nervous about his party. I did alot of clearing away of papers and books etc but have so much left to do that it brings the Augean Stables unpleasantly to mind. That was all shit though + could be dealt with more easily! Bed about 1:45 Called Leon’s friend Rose Rose – “She’s cruel and she’s brutal but she’s a good friend. Do you see what I mean?”