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Up at 7:30 – Took Winnie to Pat Walker’s. Picked up Bess + gave her a ride to work. Went over to Mrs. [crossed out word] Wallick’s and she pinned up the 3 dresses. The blue without sleeves is going to look marvelous. Came home + straightened out apartment + made Busy’s bed. Talked with Rae. Do like her. Winnie back at 11. Helped me with Newcomb’s bed. Leon called at 11:00 – appt not until 2:30. Winnie went to Carl’s to get me some stockings. She also suggested I call the cleaners to see if my yellow dress was back + Lo + Behold it was, Called Mary. Went to Leons at 2 o’clock. We drove out to Culver City to National General Studio (in the Paramount lot.) Everyone just getting settled – first day. Mark Robson’s sect’y Cecile? very nice. Saw him fairly briefly after an hour wait. He felt I was very right for the part of Meg – “30-33.” (I told him I was 33 having seen the cast breakdown) I met Harvey Clermont. Leon felt the appt. went well – I couldn’t tell. My mind was on Newcomb + Busy arriving + waiting. Leon stopped at Ma Gordons for lunch + then I took him back to the office + came home about 5:00. Busy + Newcomb had arrived 5 minutes before. After long waits + delays. We went out to Ports of Call for dinner with Mary + Abby. Very pleasant place + nice evening. I had steamed clams. Winnie bought birthday gifts for Newcomb. Home by 10:30 and all in bed soon after. Newcomb ran into Frank + Marilyn Cox from Tulsa at Ports of Call.