Pretty busy day. Up at 7 – Diary. Called Chuck Neighbors and I’m free with “The Lion is …”. He’s been in a custody battle which is why he hasn’t written. Called Fred Botterman who said to write him and he’d answer questions by mail. Was very friendly. Woke Winnie at 8:00 and we began with Sego. She went off by bus at 8:30. I proof read four of Rita’s stories already typed + one new one which Celeste sent. Rae here at 9:30 and we talked a bit. Gave her our film script again. Bathed + washed hair took off in orange wool dress for Leons. We drove out to Studio City and I burnt a hole in my dress. Damn Damn Damn. Met Pat Harris + felt it went very well. Went into Studio City + waited in car while Leon went to see Virginia Martindale. Ed Hartman came by the car + told me I looked very good in the rushes and he hoped to use me again in the other show with “a better part hopefully”. I told him I’d loved that part + loved the people. Fortuitous meeting and I felt great. Virginia joined us for lunch + she too said lovely things “One take Patience” – also that Bill Demarest had asked for me to play the Librarian with him in an up coming episode. We ate at the Iron horse. Came back to Leon’s office at 2:00 + then home. Called Henry Jones – may go out there to the beach next Monday or Tuesday. Told him Ed Hartman had been asking for him. Went over script set up with Rae. Took dress to re-weaver. Called Isabell. Wrote note for Harvey about rent and started letter to Fred Botterman. Harvey sold Jim’s packard for him. Winnie + I went to the Farmers Market and I bought 3 dresses. All of which need shortening but still am pleased with them. Back via Safeway. Shopped for dinner. Home at 7:20 Mary P + Winnie helped get dinner ready. I started fire. Had important message from Leon. Called + I have an appointment tomorrow for a very good part in a big new feature film. Should be chic, 32, friend of the star part. Don’t know what I’ll wear but decided on gray suit. Made early appt with Ivey Wallich for alterations + called Bess to cancel. Jane over at 8:30. Had a couple of drinks + then good dinner. Izzy called just as I was burning the meat. Hectic as hell. Jim over at 10:00 + he + Mary took Jane home + Winnie with them. I sent $500.00 to Jimmy’s campaign + 30 to the Fresh Air Fund + then started looking up name of music publisher for Fred Botterman – hopeless so far – Winnie home at midnight – Bed right after for me.