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Diet + Drinks

Up about 7:30. Woke Winnie – she took the bus to Pat Walkers’. Millie came with her niece Beverly, age 11, + Humbug went into a great fit (scaring her + me) but it was all noise + excitement. I called Mary to tell her Newcomb was coming out + she said she’d like Busy to spend one night. I took Beverly with me + we picked up Winnie and then drove out to Doug Forde’s Beverly spent the whole day reading “The Lion is Busy” + never put it down hardly. Said it was very “funny” I was flattered to say the least. Doug gave Winnie a prescription for “gantrol”? + said if we were dieting we “ought to walk 5 miles a day”! (Dear Doug!!) He was about to go off to Victoria for a 10 day fishing trip with Greg. No question of a tonsilectomy until at least 2 or 3 weeks after the tonsillitis clears up. We stopped at the Palisades and had eggs + Beverly had a hamburger + ice cream cone. Then out to the beach for a couple of hours. Winnie swam alot + Beverly + I jumped around in the waves. Came home about four. I took Millie + Beverly home. Then dressed + went over to Leons. Met Ruth Conforti whom I’d known years ago at Talent Associates + her husband Jack. Stayed for one drink + had a very pleasant time. Picked up Jane at Hughes Market + brought her home. She looks fine + is in good good shape. We had dinner + drinks + Winnie watched “[crossed out letters] Star Trek” + Mary had a drink with us. Then Winnie Jane + I played a game of Risk which Winnie won. Put together a huge box of things for Jane – dishes, silverware, pots, sheets + towels. Winnie to bed. Jane + I sat up + drank. (Mostly me) til 5 am. I called Eddie Royce. Then went to bed. Put in wakeup calls + took no-doze – We saw Bob Iverson too at 910 Vca