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Up at 7 am. Diary. fixed grapefruits for the day. looked over script. Called Bess to change appt. to Sat. Woke Winnie at 7:30. She came down + had breakfast but had painful back sunburn so we decided to change her appt. too + she went back to bed. I called Peggy Pope to see about coming to lunch at Studio City with Winnie on Monday. She’s going to be in San Francisco alas and then is going back to New York in ten days. Rae arrived just as I was leaving and I gave her some more poems and the first half of the novella. Forgot to say goodbye to Winnie as I was late starting. Got to Studio City at 11:00. Ready to go at 11:45. Lunch at 1:30. Ate with Sarah Selby + were joined by Joan Thomkins and then Fred de Cordova. (Gee I like him). So glad to get to know Joan T. at long last. We have an enormous list of mutual friends from Hal Gould to Ben Wright to Lyle to Florida Trubus + on + on. Teary unexpected moment at lunch about divorce. Afternoon dragged on. Two makeup brushups but didn’t work. At 4:30 they told Bill Demarest + me to go home – they decided to cut that scene. (I have no lines in it) Saw Ed Hartman + Virginia Martindale + both said yesterdays rushes look good. Betty Lamm stopped by + I promised to call her. Came home by way of Safeway, bought lovely steak. Timmy had called – he’s back – Oh dear oh dear. Tried to tell him how busy I am. Winnie getting Tonsillitis again. She’s been supposed to have a tonsillectomy + wants to have it here. Called Doug + have appt for tomorrow. We wrote Mather letters + I showed Winnie mine so it wouldn’t be in conflict. Then discovered after we’d mailed them that she’d told Mather she had tonsillitis again + wanted a tonsillectomy while I’d written she was fine. I was pretty annoyed. Mary Parker went with us to see Rosemary’s Baby – good film. Discovered while waiting inline in Westwood that Winnie had left front door unlocked. Oh Lord – Nobody robbed the house + this too shall pass.