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Up at 5 am. Went over script. Washed hair, bathed + pottered a bit. Drove out to Studio City at 6:35. Took H’wood F’wy + kept on it – had to turn back but some how made it in time. Nice makeup men. Bob somone + Tom Case. Lilian – hairdresser. Mort Singer + Sid Sidman Asst. Directors. Met Charlie Robinson inthe morning. pleasant. My stuff went well. Fred de Cordova told me several times in front of everyone it was “fine” “perfect” – and once off the set told me I was very good. Busy day so it meant alot to me. Had lunch with Joan Thompkins + a script girl. Hot as hell outside. Called Bonestell’s + had flowers sent to Liza. Called Bess + made appt for Friday which I may have to cancel becasue of Millie. Was given some extra lines (and good ones) in last scene. Also a closeup I hadn’t expected. I didn’t leave til 6:15 – Close to a 12 hour day! but felt very good about it – though exhausted. Picked up a few groceries + came home. Note from Bank of N.Y. that the $6,000 had arrived. Note from Newcomb – He + Busy come next Thursday. Triple A bill for Peter. Winnie fixed me a salad for dinner Didn’t feel hungry enough to eat any more. Mary P + I had a drink. She + Winnie had gone to Annie’s pool + lain about in the sun. They went for a walk after dinner and I took a nap. Got up + was just considering a game of spite and malice when Jim Parker came + took Winnie + Mary for a ride. I sent Leon a check for $4,000 Special Delivery. I deposited $1,000.00 in my Cal. acct. I wrote Newcomb – and I wrote Peter, enclosing the Triple A bill + copy of my tax letter and told him I’d like to see him sometime + talk. Winnie + Mary back. Mailed all letters + went to bed about 12:30 – wakeup for 7. Timmy called from Miami today but no message “would call back” – Rae has finished all Rita’s Mss that I ‘ve proofread. Help. Have done some of novel