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[crossed out words] Courtney Elizabeth Terry born today – Diet

Up at 7. Winnie down at 7:30. Seventh day on diet. I took Winnie to Pat Walker’s at 8:30. Went to get Bess + had steam + massage. Picked up Winnie + came home. Sunny day. Rae here. Trouble with the machine + they’re bringing a new one tomorrow. Got things together to go to beach. Winnie came downstairs in her bathing suit complained that it was getting “baggy.” I told her it was because she was getting thin. She said but it looks awful it’s all baggy. I got very peeved. She has got to start looking at things a little more positively. I said so but was in a foul humor from then on. We picked up Annie tried to put the top down. Had to go to a VW place for help that didn’t improve my humor. Annie did (improve it) Drove out + doubled back thru Malibu Canyon. Too much sun for all. Winnie very red. Humbug miserable at beach. Wouldn’t go near the water this time. Left at 4. Didn’t look at script which added to my foul mood + nobody’s fault but mine of course. Came home + took nap from 4:20 to almost 7. No mail came. We had dinner and then I began to work on script. Copied it all down. Winnie cued me through a couple of times. Leon called with my call – 7 am tomorrow and shooting schedule. Mostly in + out shots. Winnie taking the bus to Pat Walker’s tomorrow. She went to bed about 11 o’clock I went up + saw Mary P + had a furtive beer. then came down + went to bed. Wakeup call for 5 am. Called Bob Iverson + changed appt. or rather, cancelled. Til next week. John Terry called + Liza had a little girl, Courtney Elizabeth – 6 lbs 14 oz at 3:35 this afternoon. How nice.