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Up about 8. Wrote diary. Called Pat Walker + will have to arrange a new contract there for Winnie – minimum of 40 hours but I can take the left over sessions. Rae here at 10:30. Gave her Lyle’s paper to type. She’s free for a while. This is her vacation!! Went shopping. Got Winnie an earplug for her radio. Bought steak + chicken + vegetables at Safeway. Had Fruit Salad (“nothing else”) for lunch. Went to Pat Walkers at one. Made arrangements. Went to May Co. + bought wool + moth stuff. Came back. Winnie through at 2:30. Will be going 5 days a week for an hour session each day. Seemed to like it + seemed enthusiastic. Went to post-office in Held bldg + mailed Mss to Celeste. Went to second hand book store + bought “The Robe” for Winnie. Also found copy of “Saturday Island” – Whee! + “The Lost Prince,” “Peter Abelard” and a couple of others I wanted + a couple on Winnie’s list. Home at 4 and took nap. Slept like a log. Letters from Dick Kneeland + Scotty and Social Security info from Mary re Millie. Fixed steak for Mary P, Winnie + me. Winnie fixed salad. Good meal. Music Center at 8:30 – good seats + liked Cabaret even better. Mary P liked it + so did Winnie. After Annie, Moose + Fritz came to the house + so did Signe. (I left Mary Parker to ride with her + pilot.) In Signe’s [crossed out word] Dressing room an incredibly dreary lady appeared. Had been Sig’s stand in in a Demille movie “Of course I never made a name for myself” – (that was the clue) she brought up Signe’s husband, her son (“You lost him, didn’t you”) Couldn’t believe I was hearing it. Poor Signe – We had a good time at the house + Signe stayed until 2 am. Talked about a “debt to a talent” – I dig that.