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Hilary + Jim’s 2nd daughter born today.

Up fairly early. Western Union man with telegraph “Number One son’s number two daughter arrived today. Tell Mary. Love Co.” _ Called Mary. No name evidently as yet. Newcomb called a little later with same news. Also said there seemed to be some hopeful signs in his set up. I’ll keep fingers crossed. When I’m not too bogged down in my own bundle of misery. Next phone call was Mather to say that Winnie was arriving next Tuesday evening for 4 weeks. Brief chat with Winnie. Invited her + I think we’ll have fun. We did last time. I called Phemy + Stuart + we had a very long talk. They’re both seeing therapists + seem to have found it a great help. I tried to get George August who’d called when Phemy did but no luck. I spent most of the day reading Rita’s book – “The Lost and The Found” – It’s so patently autobiographical although like Muchacha distilled + made something more. (+ alot more than Muchacha). Fascinating + saddening to read. So much of death and secret agonizing fears. Spoke with Leon who said he’d been ill but was taking some pills + felt alot better. I asked him what the trouble was + he said “a touch of a nervous breakdown”!! I told Mary Parker + she said maybe I’d caught it from him. I had dinner with M.P. Jim came over later. Some agent wants him to be an actor. Jim wanted to know if 15% was too much. I felt that should be the least of his questions + told him so. Had bourbon + then scotch. Had too much Later invited Jim Klein from the Delicatessen over + he stayed + had beer + looked at Mary’s paintings (he too paints) + then stayed the night.