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Slept later than I meant to – Got the 6:30 wakeup call + relayed it upstairs. Heard Mary come back from taking Paul to the airport about 10 o’clock. Picked up Annie around 11:30 or so + we drove out to Pelham to say good bye to James. Had lunch with Mary + him at the pickle barrel + then drove on out along the Coast Highway. Humbug with us. We went to the small unorganized beach just by the bridge before the Malibu Colony turn off. Glorious day after unpromising start. Many dogs there + Humbug seemed to enjoy himself although he’s very timid except when he’s defending something. He peed on somebody’s beach bag but the owner was not in sight. He also peed in the upstairs hall of the Halifax Hotel. Hard to make the distinction between inside and out. We drove on up the Coast to the Traneas restaurant, had an ice cream at a cruddy little snack shack + came back via Malibu Canyon. Called Leon from the strip but he was expecting people so we didn’t go by. Got some flowers for Signe who’s having an operation and Annie took them in to her at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Picked up some cheese + fresca at the Shermart + went to Timmy’s. Some TV. Annie very sleepy. Delicious dinner. We left about 11 o’clock. Took Annie home + came back here about midnight. Had a beer with Mary Parker. She must be a little lonely. My horoscope for the month says I can begin a whole new life. Well – Good oh.