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Colby’s Birthday

Robert F. Kennedy Shot

California Primary

Up about 8 – called Bess to say I’d be a little late. Went + voted at new polling place on West 7th. Electronic voting machines this time. Picked Bess up and took her to vote then had steam + massage. Went over to Melia’s insurance + gave Tony a check for comprehensive on the new car. Went to Boneshell’s + had flowers sent to Colby for her birthday. Stopped at Bank + cashed a check. Mailed Birhtday card with $5.00 to [crossed out word] Anthony. Home by 11:30 – Les called at noon. New car ready. Called James Enelow + went out to pick him up. We went to Gardena to get the new car. For some reason found myself depressed by it. Don’t like new high seats. We had lunch there + then I took James out to Harvard school. I thought it was nostalgia for the old play fields. Also that he wanted to put in a good word for a teacher of his who was leaving. Learned to my horror that his intention was to tell Father Chalmers what a rotten school he runs. Tried ineffectually to talk him out of it. Had a desire (unexpressed) to turn around + drive him home but he’s 18 years old. Troubling experience. He didn’t at least take in his written statement on why he’s a conscientious objector (slamming mostly on Harvard School.) Father Chalmers evidently handled James very well as he came out + told me he’d “modified” his statements + that actually Father Chalmers had been “reassured” by his visit!!!!??? No comment. I took James back to Pelham. Came home, napped + went to dinner with Jim Kellenberger, Mary + Paul. I do like Jim K. Paul a little offensive I felt. Jim Parker came over. He’s pretty odd these days too. Oh well – After we watched the results of today’s voting on TV. Kennedy the projected winner. Heard his victory speech at The Ambassador Hotel. Turned the sound off + had turned away as I preferred McCarthy any way when Mary Parker said look – Somebody’s been hurt.- Incredible confusion. Robert F. Kennedy was shot in the head five other people wounded. Even as we listened we could hear the sirens screaming past. He was taken just to Central Receiving. Then Good Samaritan…[continued on June 5th]