Up fairly early. 9:30 or so. Had breakfast of coffee + juice + bacon + toast. Called Daddy + told him about the address book. Called Mr. Thomas with Mary’s correct address. Called Colby + made a date to see her later tonight after her poetry meeting. Went to the Dentist at 12:00. Asked for a little less gas and spent another painful hour in the chair. He was very sweet when I left + said I was an attractive girl + had a whole life in front of me. Was so rattled I left my raincoat. Met Lester at Pierre’s on 53rd Street. We had 3 drinks and a lovely leisurely lunch. He’s going to send $5,000 to the Bank of New York for the new car. Colby Jr Dentist etc. Kept reminding me I’m “rich.” Hard to get used to the thought but of course I am. We walked back to the bank + hotel. Bill Wellborne called + I met him on Sheridan Sq. at 4:30. He’s sober as a judge + really looks well besides being in very good spirits. He passed his physical today. We had coffee on an outside terrace and then walked around the village. Laughed about Nime Schuman-Heinck, Jane Darwell + Van Heflin. And a children’s book – “Let’s all get together + do something for Margaret” – (Beware)let’s all get together + do something about Margaret” (Beware, Beware but worst of all the day will come” Let’s all get together + do something to Margaret.” If Bill were like that more often he’d be such a joy to have visit. We had a good time + dinner at a place on Waverly place or thereabouts. Went back to the hotel at 7:45. Met Colby at 8:30 at Grin’s coffee shop on 8th ave + 52nd street. Met some of her poetry group. Seemed pleasant enough. Went across to the Howard Johnsons after + had several beers + finally a drink. Read alot of her poetry + was interested. Talked alot about that. Skipped over or around any unpleasantness. Colby down on poor Newcomb but I wasn’t about to play along with anything. Still + all we had a good visit + I was glad I’d seen her. Went up after to see Harold Stern. We had a good time. Talked alot about alot. Harold likes my Christmas jabberwocky “non generation.” – It got very late and after several tall drinks I decided to spend the night there. Hardly room with the records + file cabinets