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Les called at 9:30 – Had a white convertible black top vw for me if I wanted it. Said no – wasn’t ready to make a decision like that. Also said I was still asleep. Next call Mary at 11:20. I said I’d get up + call her back. In between Mary + Paul came by + Paul got the job in [crossed out letters] Czechoslovakia. Goes on June [crossed out letter] 10th. Whee. Spoke with Timmy who was impossible about this evening and the “complications.” Meaning my going to the Palesades. Finally suggested we leave our dinner til after Winnie’s departure. He was miffed I think but I couldn’t take any more of that. Chuck Neighbors by at 1 o’clock. We went to Olvera St for lunch. long talk about Bill. Didn’t talk enough about my Christmas carols. Chuck anxious to get in touch with publicity people on CBS + NBC etc. I called Bobby Frye + they chatted. Winnie doing okay on her own most of the day. I went to see Bob Iverson at 4:30. Was so glad to see him + told him so + that I’d missed him. He’d had a good time in [crossed out word] Ojai which is nice. I told him about calling Peter, about talking with Dr Brooks, about Sheldon Andelson, about court, about Easter Sunday, The letter from Ethel, about Mary last night finally Bill’s letter. He laughed when he read it. Also when I said if I went around divorcing people who criticized my clothes I wouldn’t stand a chance. Rita’s death was bad but the emotions were not neurotic. I don’t know about the divorce business. I do know about the letters from Ethel + Bill. There’s something there that’s neurotic as hell. My decision about Bill will have to bearthat in mind but also as I told Bob I don’t want to forget the people in light of my patterns. Peter did that to me and it wasn’t fair. I became a part of his pattern ” + not me Patience. Came home + Winnie + I got dressed, cashed a check at the Safeway + went to the Islander for a gala dinner. The “storm” a bit of a dud but funny. Went to see “The Producers” – Really funny movie. Saw Jerry Divine out front after he’s asst. manager of the theatre. Then Chuck Neighbors appeared He’d gone to the Game Show. We went to the Kaleidoscope for a “cup of coffee” – ha ha.. my mistake. $4.00 apeice but I learned later it was a digger benefit. Extraordinary place. Pretty overwhelming but fascinating. We went to the Grapevine in the hopes of seeing Bobby Frye but missed him [crossed out letters] as we were all to tired to wait came home at 12:30 + went to bed forthwith.