Was up early – bathed + washed hair. Went to see Leon. Stopped en route to pick up Reporters. Leon on his way out but had nice if brief meeting with Scott Penney. I like him. My car was cornered in the parking lot out back I was in the wrong place + had to go to some lengths to get the owner to move. Met a nice elderly Englishman Fred Sterley(?) – a chauffer for the owners of the building. He suggested we go for a drive sometime. I was fairly abrupt about refusing although I suggested coffee. Later felt like a fool. Came home stopping at bank. Cashed check for $150.00 ($100 for Bill) Back to the house. Letter from Pam Walker forwarded by Peter. Mary called to say “Senior” was ill + she had to get him into Saint John’s.  Was fairly hectic sounding + said she’d have to stay loose about Camelot this evening. Asked her to let me know by six. Waited for call from Leon. not forthcoming. Made an appt for tomorrow with Mrs. Gray. Played Spite and malice am slowly narrowing Winnie’s lead!) She + I went downtown to the main Western Union office at 3 + sent off the money to Bill. Then we went to the “Middle Earth” lunchette for a “Fredoburger” but alas they had closed so we ate next door. Changed Winnie’s airplane reservations to Sunday at noon and called St. Anne’s. Also told Winnie I’d give her $100.00 if she could get her weight down to 130 before she starts Farmington. She seemed interested. I think she’s alot of fun and a bright girl and I think she’ll do all right. I took an hour’s nap in the late afternoon. Leon told me this a.m. that I looked tired + I know I do. Late nights with beer the last week or so + the strain of the preceeding weeks combined. The former however is purely my doing + I’ll undo it for a while. Mary called to say she couldn’t come tonight and I called all sorts of people with no luck Lyle, Bill Brown, Bill Tregoe, Henry Jones, Jim Parker, Albert Carrier, Izzy, Magda and so on. Winnie dying to meet Izzy. We ate at Norm’s and Winnie went to Wallichs for a record while I turned the ticket in. No trouble to my surprise. The film was a delight – just lovely. I cried of course at the end but had a good, good time. We came back + finished our game of Spite and Malice (Winnie ahead by three). Paul is going to film this weekend. Bed for all a little after one. Put in wake up for 7:30 –