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Slept til 9:30 or so. Had planned to see Leon in the am but called the office + he wasn’t in so decided to go later. Called Magda – our phone bill $20.55. Sent her a check. Spoke with Mona in Doug’s office + Mary + Elizabeth. Played Spite + Malice with Winnie. She’s down to a 2 point lead. We drove out to Mary’s a little after noon. Dinner of soup + salad. Mary showed us the album of pictures she’s putting together for Les and an early picture of him in a sailor suit looked so much [crossed out letters] like several of Peter that I was caught completely off balance + found myself in tears. (not noticed.) We went to “The Chest” after lunch a psychedelic shop across Pico + then drove to The Watts towers in separate cars. Both got lost – I a little less than Mary. The Towers as always a monument to the individual. So glad Rita saw them. Winnie drove with Mary on the way back here. Paul stopped in with George Petrarca whom I think I knew in Paris – at any rate we know a hundred people in common. He’s coming back to the house on Saturday + for dinner next week. Winnie + I went over to Leon’s. He wasn’t there + we chatted with Dorothy. I left 3 copies of the L.A. Times review + one of the Reporter. We ate supper at Hamburger Hamlet and then went to “Bonnie + Clyde.” It was really an excellent movie + very moving. Oddly different from what I’d expected. What it’s been taken up for is who it’s trying to warn against. There’s been a great distortion. We went by the Cinerama Dome and I got 3 tickets for Mary, Winnie + me for Camelot tomorrow night. We came home. Special Delivery from Bill asking for $100.00.  Jim Parker came by with a friend named John Winkleman. Nice guy. We had beer upstairs. Winnie to bed about midnight. I very shortly after. There will be alot to talk about with Bob Iverson. I miss him.