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Up at six or so. Fixed coffee. Took an elavil. Called Sheldon at 7 at both numbers – He called me back – Had been in shower. Said to meet at the Grand St. entrance of the court house at 8:45. I paid a few bills. Washed my hair + bathed. Mary Parker came down and we had coffee together – left at 8:25. [crossed out letters] We had a giggly ride down but only because Mary was very funny and I was near hysteria. Met Sheldon who briefed us. I was to say that Peter’s behavior made me “nervous + upset” as was Mary. I told Sheldon I’d written Peter but he hadn’t replied + he said “to discuss your unhappy differences?” Everything is such a formula! I cried + he asked me if I wanted to shelve it. I asked him what use would it be Peter wants no contact with me. If he doesn’t want to live with me why should I shelve the divorce? And yet it all seemed so terrible. It took maybe 4 minutes. Mary Parker spoke to me after on the way back about the necessity of ritual to carry people over life’s difficult times – and yet for some of us the ritual is such a horror in itself. Mary had another cup of coffee with me + went upstairs. She was such a help and support. I left a note for Winnie + went to bed until noon. I called Mary Haas who’d called last night. We talked about Rita. We lay[crossed out letter] in the sun briefly. I sent Cotton $5.00 for a birthday present. Winnie started a letter to her parents + I cleaned the apartment. I vacuumed upstairs until the electric broom gave up. We went out to Beverly Hills + had manicures at “London West” – Evelyn’s new headquarters. Then went out to Zucky’s to meet Mary + Dolores who’d already eaten. Enjoyed “Far from the Madding Crowd” immensely beautiful photography. We had dinner after at Zucky’s stopped by the Mayfair for a few groceries. Came home around 10:30 – Saw Mary + Paul briefly – had a beer. We were both tired so went to bed. It was an unhappy day but one that’s been looming for a long time.

Had messages from Sharon + Bill Welborne.

And this was Good Friday.