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Up around ten. Deservedly painful rising. Had coffee + got Erica + Winnie to look for my engagement ring for a while. It’s a mystery where it could be. It was nearing noon when we took Erica home. Dick + Sharon suggested we join them at the Farmers Market so we went there for lunch. I got Winnie some stationary with “Words from Winnie” on it and we bought a few odds ends. Came home by two and lay in the sun. Then I took a bromo seltzer and a nap for one hour. Mary called to ask if Winnie + I wanted to see Far from the Madding Crowd tomorrow + I said I thought so. Paul had alot of good news. He may have gotten the film job he just read for which would mean a week + a half in Czechoslovakia. And the nudie film people appeared to be interested in shooting “Hands”!! – [crossed out letters] that’s really exciting. Mary had a job today + [crossed out letters] was supposed to work tomorrow too but Paul called her to remind her of the court date + she told them she couldn’t come in. I’m so grateful. Sheldon Andelson called again + told me to call him at 7 am. I told him I couldn’t say anything like criticizing clothes + he said “Didn’t he insult you, criticize you, put you down?” – all rattled off. Evidently telling me he wants a divorce doesn’t constitute cruelty whereas criticizing a dress would. Oh Lord. Winnie + I went up to Akron to pick up her purse. Her wallet missing with $22.00 + I.D. cards but the plane ticket , thank goodness was there. We went to the Gilmore to see “Heat of the Night” – had a dinner of popcorn + pizza + coke + coffee – Very good film. We sat through a little of “The Good, The Bad + The Ugly” – an Italian Western + then came home. It was too awful to take. Went upstairs + visited with Mary + Paul. Jim came over. Winnie helped Paul address envelopes. Bed about 11:30. I called Leon today and he was very nice.