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Rita’s funeral today.

Woke at six – back to sleep. Up about 8 – Winnie down shortly after. Made leisurely plans + then realized my watch had stopped and it was 9:50.  We dashed to Bullock’s, found a very cute bathing suit (3 piece) and then to Super S. for beach bag, hat, beach towels, comb + sunglasses. Got to the Erdmans’ around 11:30. Called Nicky Korda + asked him to pick me up [crossed out letters] in 10 minutes at La Cuenga and Beverly. Just made it + we raced out to the airport to meet Timmy. Got there 10 minutes late + found his plane was about 45 minutes late so we had some ice tea + a sweet roll + practiced our German on each other. Timmy arrived looking very chipper + laden with gifts from Jo. May go to England with her in June. They dropped me back at the Rexall + I went to the Safeway + shopped. Invited them both for this evening. They called later + said they’d come + Joan would too. Mary + Mary + Paul already coming so that plus me + the two girls made 9. I lay in the sun a little + thought about Rita and about Peter + my feelings about them both + about me. I’ve been reading Paul Tournier and I don’t think I know how to pray. Went inside to fix dinner – garlic bread, salad, steak – watermelon + chocolate ice cream. The Erdman’s came over at six to bring the girls back. They stayed for a drink. Mary came next and after Dick + Sharon left the Timmy + Korda contingent appeared. Drinks all the way around several times. The Academy Awards started about 7 o’clock. Bonnie + Clyde was not the clean sweep everyone expected. “Heat of the Night” got the most. I was disappointed that Katherine Hepburn whom I love won the Best Actress award. Truly, Truly – it should have been Dame Edith Evans for her remarkable performance in “The Whisperers.” Timmy, Nicky + Joan left. Paul has a call about a nudie film tomorrow + he was trying to think of ideas. Mary Cleveland very funny. She left about [crossed out letters] 11:30. I had much too much beer + stayed up after everyone else had retired + called Bill Wellborne + Scotty. So dumb – Akron called in the afternoon to say Winnie’s purse had showed up.

Had a letter from Ethel saying she hoped I was coming home to take care of Daddy this summer as she was leaving. I called Hilary who said it could be worked out – I felt a real panic