A grayish day but beautifully clear after the rain. The city emerging in [crossed out letters] layers back to the hills. I finally wrote my addition to the round robin letter Started one so snide I was ashamed + began again Got in all the news without one word of opinion or comment. I wrote a long letter to Sue Glick in answer to her very dear letter. I called the telephone company to have the bills sent to me + evidently have to go through some formalities. Was talking to Timmy when Leon’s office interrupted with an emergency call. I thought it might have something to do with Peter but it turned out Leon wanted me to go on an interview at 3:30. Called Benito to say I’d have to leave rehearsal. Went to the Argyle at 2:00 – we rehearsed until a little after 3:00 + I took off. Leon took me to meet Simon Taub – a very bright + interesting lawyer. The mind was palpable (right word.) then we went on a round of Leon’s errands + back to his office. He’s being interviewed by TV guide. It was too late to return to rehearsal so I stopped in to see Timmy who’s feeling “out of step with people – Two paces behind – ” unidentified.” Quite touching. Nice brief visit. Home – Mary had fixed a lovely dinner. Rita unable to eat. Feeling nauseous. Bad day. I had to go back to rehearsal at 8 – things went a touch more smoothly – at least we ran a whole section which allowed us to get some feel of things. Joe decided I was two similar in the 2nd + 3rd scenes + he’s right. We’ll work on that tomorrow. The subject of the theatre came up. I abstained but the debate was heated. Joe may let Sandra Marshal go [crossed out letter]. She’s not good. God knows, but I don’t like to be in on any of it. And so much time has already been spent on her. Magda + I talked quite a bit. Got home around 12:30 or 1 – was wound up. Took some beer upstairs + sat + talked with Paul til almost 3:30. Foolish as I had to get up at 7:00 But the conversation was fascinating if in spots disturbing. Paul has gotten so involved with Rita in his mind that it’s really a bit much even for me. I should think it would drive Mary nuts. And the oddest part is he has no idea at all of what Rita’s really like – Just one facet of an extremely multi faceted person. It’s funny and irritating and touching and macabre and – at the moment – very helpful – oh Dear!