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Slept late today. Angus off to Palm Springs for the day. Talked with Rita and told her about yesterday night_ She came downstairs and we tried on clothes I agree that my skirts should all be shorter – also I need some new bras. We had a very funny time. Mary Parker came down and she and I did exercises for fanny + stomach respectively. I’ve been doing mine faithfully now for over a week and think it’s beginning to show. Rita supervised. I called Mary and I told her I’d felt the same way she did about the other night – then I called Elizabeth + said I’d come see her some time soon. Don Schwartz called with a commercial call for me from Milt Hammerman – very nice of him as he has nothing to gain. I staged a dance concert for Rita with wigs + hats + scarves and props. Silly but fun and she laughed alot. Mary + Paul went to Lagners and brought back roast beef, turkey, pickles, slaw, beer, bread + pastrami – as well as cheesecake + strudel. Angus back and we five had a glorious picknicky dinner in the livingroom before embarking on another round of our Game. That’s given us all so much pleasure. I repaired to bed at 11 o’clock – Wake up calls for 5:15 and 5:30.

Mary + Paul + Angus all went to the revival meeting last night next door – Ray + Ruby Boatwright – hideously ghastly but weirdly funny tale of the “cures”- “The Lord tells me seven people are going to be cured – not six – not 8 but seven. Seven people” etc. etc. and then eight came forward.

I read more of “Seasons of Life” today. I feel so strongly empathetic to Tourniers writing – even where my inhibited soul balks. Oddly – even in the week or so I’ve been reading him though – the balking is less pronounced.