Had 3 wakeups – 6 – 6:30 + then 7 – finally made it, bathed, filled a thermos with coffee after a cup here + drove out to the Palisades. A nice sunny warm looking day + with only 4 hours sleep I still felt pretty good. As I came up Chatauqua I began thinking how lucky I am to have Iverson and Doug Forde and enough money and my health and my wits and Leon too with a whole new outlook on my career. I ran into Bob Iverson downstairs + told him I’d just been thinking how grateful I was to him and he said “you must be feeling better” – which I laughed at + he immediately said “I didn’t mean to sound cynical, but you do don’t you.” We spent most of the precious hour reading my letters – first [crossed out letter] Daddy’s then [crossed out word] the copy of mine to Colby which he thought was very good + direct. Then Colbys two answers which he found pretty loaded + which he pointed out never answered my question. Nor after 6 pages did they in any way indicate that Colby had budged an inch from her original stand. I showed him Mary’s letter which was written for that great big Publisher in the sky + finally Newcomb’s which he said was a very nice letter – “supportive.” I told him I wouldn’t mind if Colby wasn’t supportive if she would only be answerable. Told him I planned to get Peter to write her. He told me it was helpful to him to see the letters. He seemed to feel as I’ve told him that both Colby + Mary could be pretty difficult to deal with. Next appt. not til next Thursday which seems a long way away. He said I seemed to be doing very well + I said “Thanks to you” + he said that was good to hear. Had coffee + metracal + went to see Doug at 10. Had a pelvic (“Good Morning”) + then coffee + a long talk about Rita. – I am in good shape physically, incidentally. Doug took Rita’s letter and is going to line up some people to see Rita when she gets back. Came home + washed hair. Had a 2:00 appt at M.P.O – request by Bob Palmer for a Kodak commercial. I told him I was with Leon now. Met some nice girls there: Lia Waggoner esp. Saw Mary Ann Gibson. brief dumb interview went to unemployment + met a nice cameraman named Myron Schnieder. Reinstated myself. Came home + took a nap. Forwarded Peter’s mail + wrote Rita + forwarded a letter to her. Leon called + I went to dinner with him noodle [crossed out word] soup, cold cuts, a couple of drinks and a little canoodling. I’m not very good at fending but have decided a blend of laughing, intensely serious talk + too much smoking plus a few tears when called for will keep the situation comfortable.