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Up at 6 – Peter off at 6:30 – I went at 7:15 – Got out to 910 by 7:50 + went right in. Cried alot + said I was at the end of my rope. I didn’t actually but said I was depressed + terribly unhappy. Bob asked me about Peter’s attitudes towards women + when I didn’t understand he said I kept feeling that I was causal in our current relationship but that just possibly Peter’s behavior which he called “punishment” is a symbolic punishing of women. Not me particularly. I had a little trouble accepting this. I told Bob it seemed too marvelously easy a wayout + Bob said that it was odd that both Peter + I for very different reasons couldn’t see it this way. He said our current situation was extremely malignant + damaging to my self esteem. Oh God – don’t I know it. Bob wants to see Peter + me together [crossed out word] next Monday at the same time + warned that there might be real strife but anything’s better than the current set up. Came home still crying. Call for Peter from Don Schwartz – appt. at 2:30. Got him at Bache. Later developed the call was for me – mistake at the service. Peter home for clothes – oh hell. Went out to De Patie Freling in the Valley at 2:30 – Saw Larry Sands there – from Detroit. He’s a Vice President. Whee. Nice chat. Saw Alice Backus, Olive Dunbar, Ann Stowell + Irene Tedrow. Was very wrong for the part. Nice visit with Irene. Letters from Daddy, Colby, Newcomb + Rita who wants [crossed out letters] to visit 1st 2 wks in December. I said great in an answer + looked up an address for her. I called Colby + chatted for about 25 minutes with her. Paid the phone bill – $85.00 [crossed out letters] Man came to the door whom Mitzi had bitten + said he was going to have the police come take her away. I didn’t see him but I guess that’s that. Went out to Mary’s – got there at six. Letter from Allen had arrived today and it was pretty awful I thought and I thought she should make a stand. We played bridge with Katie + Dolores. Gee – I like them. Nice women. Home at eleven – Peter home a half hour later – had gotten bored in class – gone to a girlie movie! We looked over plate blocks – bed at 1 –