At this writing still don’t know who won the Cleveland + Gary, Indiana elections for Mayor but Louise Day Hicks lost in Boston – Whee!

Up about 7 – no market because of N.Y. elections. Wrote Colby + sent her a check for $100 to cover the Indian Head coins + again told her to lay off the little digs. – Why she throws them in I don’t know + I hate writing all these peevish [crossed out word] letters but there it is. Went to unemployment + thence to Ohrbachs where I got money back on the shoes then Pat Walker’s + home. Dressed, washed hair + went out to the Columbia Ranch in the Valley for a Dupont-Lucite commercial. Long wait but pleasant. Saw Holly Harris, Katherine McLeod, Chaim Wynaut, Don Haggerty, Steve Bell over a period of 2 hours. Went in about a Greyhound commercial while was there so did everyone else – quite funny. Finally in on the Dupont – 8 men there dreary commercial. Very Dike-y. Used the word myself after two [crossed out letter] pretty grim readings. They agreed. I said they’d offend alot of people if that’s what they wanted. They agreed. I had the idea to try it like Joyce Grenfell’s games mistress all girlish gangley enthusiasm and it worked like a charm. They were delighted + I have a call back tomorrow. I left feeling I’d contributed something + was really very pleased with myself Even if they use somebody else for my idea I’ve spared the American public another of those ghastly put-down commercials. Blah Blah Blah. Came home + went + saw Mary + Paul. Called Lennie Dunne about the Farmington meeting + said I’d be there. Went + bought some vodka + fresca to take to Timmy’s – Peter home about 7:15 – went to Timmy’s – Shephard’s pie. Ate too much. Watched Television – Daktari, Invaders, N.Y.P.D. and Sid Caesar show. Election results not yet in – went home + to bed [crossed out letters] immediately – almost midnight.