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Up about 8:30 or so. Wrote Peter a Halloween card which he thanked me for. Called Campbells + ordered “The Doctor’s Story” for Daddy. At 10 – went to Contour + weighed 116 lbs. – Whee! Then went shopping at Ohrbachs for some shoes. Got two nice pair. On a hunch called the service before going to Pat Walker’s. Had a 2 o’clock appt. at MP.O. for a new detergent called “Bonus.” Dashed home + washed my hair, made up + went off. Imagine my surprise to see Rosalie Walton. Really was so pleased to see her. Gave her our address + phone number + asked her to call us. I have a call back on Friday. Didn’t even read the part I’m to read for them – it’s all a rather cute idea. Went from there to Pat Walkers. Was measured + found that I’d stayed almost exactly the same. Had lost 1/2 inch on my hips + 1/2 inch on my knees (??) but put on 3/4 inch on my abdomen – as it’s my period that seems fairly logical. The transistor radio made the time pass alot easier. Came home after shopping for metracal + cider + Halloween goodies. Called Mary who’d called me – told her Peter was on the Invaders. Called Hilary + had quite a long chat. Read her Daddy’s card + she thought it was very touching, which I suppose it also is besides the other things. What a good person Hil is. Was so glad I’d called. Went up to see Mary + Paul + fix trick or treat bags. Had nine callers in all – the last six were in a rather sinister group. My Faith was rewarded. I gave Mary + Paul our fish dish + ate metracal for dinner. We all watched the Invaders. Ben Wright opened the show! Very dreary show but Peter’s part the best + he looked very good + distinguished. knit alot on sweater + waited up for him til 12:30 – he’d gone out for coffee after + had been through at 10:30 – Think he could have called – but at least he was in a good mood.