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Complete slump of a day. Bad dreams. Woke when Peter did + set up breakfast but went back to bed. Went to Contour at 10 o’clock. Home + read + slept. Tried to work in office – just not able. The heat unbearable – my state of mind more so. Mary called with Edith Warner’s address – flowers instead of flowers send to Gateways Hospital I looked back in my diary to see when Peter + I had met the Warners and I was appalled at the record of our fights. I must copy alot of it down I guess for Bob Iverson. Spoke with Betty Lamm. Called Doug about my flea bite itch + he said I could use taccheril (sp.) Hadn’t thought I’d make dinner – the thought was so oppressive but at the last minute made a tuna casserole. Peter working on Big Valley Monday – the Good Morning World has been postponed til [crossed out word] a week from next Tuesday Jim came in briefly. I went to bed early.