Up at 6:30 – Peter off at 7 and I left at 7:30 for the Palisades. Had an interesting hour with Bob. Thought of so many things I haven’t for a long time + set off a great train of thought when I left – about my childhood – about old people-about my resistance to change. Home by 9:15 – Called Bonds + Texaco about the credit cards. Changed the sheets etc. + went for my steam + massage. Weight after steam down to 117 1/2. Figure in another month I should be at about 115 to stay. (+ not after a steam bath!) Went shopping for a few dinner items. Home – called Arthur to say we couldn’t make it tomorrow and as he’d fixed our lunch already changed my mind + said we would depending of course on Peter. Called Dr. Smith + made an appt for Sunday to take Mitzi in to be spayed. It’s going to cost $35 plus her shots – Still think it’s worth it. She’s an affectionate dog + might have a chance at a home if she’s fixed + fixed up a little. Called Sheldon Andelson about my license suspension + he said not to worry. Fixed a leg of lamb for dinner. The afternoon very hectic with the telephone. Leon trying desperately to get Peter + I couldn’t locate him – I tried the club 7 times.  Tried Bache before. Somehow, though, it all worked out + Peter got out to Four Star for a Big Valley interview. It looks like he may have two jobs next week + both good ones.  But the one he wants is The Big Valley + he won’t know til Monday. Hope by holding out he doesn’t mess the other + lose the one he wants too. Peter made $900 in “paper profits” today on the market – pretty exciting. Mary called to say she’d been accepted by the L.A. School system as a substitute teacher. Good news. I vacuumed the office + put on the new tablecloth etc. Mary + Paul came to dinner which was very good. Paul helped take out the garbage – actually he took it all out. We played Red Dog + Peter was the big winner – I the big loser. We wound up the evening with a game of – Oh Shit – Fun –