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I went all through the house at 1:30 – But the car had gone. Came up + slept til about 5. Woke, Peter not here. Read for about [crossed out word] 40 minutes or so + I suppose prayed or something. Finally decided to take Mother’s car + see if he’d gone to Alaria. Tried to be quiet but not easy. Got there + found him + Russell trying to give him eggs + coffee. Peter had beer. I saw him, he saw me + I left. Anthony who was down also offered me coffee. “Aunt Patsy, can I get you something to drink? Coffee or a beer?” But I was crying + didn’t even turn around. Russell came out as I was getting in the car + said he’d try to get him to bed. I came home + met Ethel in the kitchen – told her Peter was at Alaria and went upstairs with some coffee. Wrote postcards. Peter came in at 7:30. Said he was going to sleep for 3 hours + lay down. I went down + had breakfast with Mother + Daddy. Drue called about 9:30 + asked us if we could come tomorrow instead of today as Dick wanted to entertain in the apt. I thought it was a god send but when I told Peter (he woke up about 11 o’clock) he said he had to “get out of this place. I hate myself here. I can’t stand it.” I told him if he would sleep until 2:30 we would leave by 3 o’clock. He was in a ghastly state + I felt pretty shaken by it. Miltowns are the order of the day. Mary called from California person-to-person to me. Only I was in Mother’s bedroom helping her pack. Mary sounded very down + said she had some good news + some bad. She passed her exams.  She’s hired Eleanor Luster (both good) + the “bad” was that Eleanor Luster told her not to help James out at Wesleyan. I told Mary that obviously to me that was good news too (as the money was coming from me.) Mother (who didn’t hear any of that part) spoke to Mary + I said all the right, gay, endearing things. Mary also said to me, “I want to apologize” – good for her but of course I couldn’t go into it. Russell came over + later Colby + Hilary + Jim. Poor Peter was tossing fitfully upstairs. Mother, Daddy + I had Sunday dinner. Then I finished packing + woke Peter. He came down + we left soon after – just about at 3:00. He (+ because of his upset, I) were the only ones who felt badly about all this. We drove through rain most of the way. Stopped in Springfield for some soup. Then on down. Called the Riverdale house at 9:00 from Elmswood + the tenant Lee Theodore said we could stay there. We went to the Yu Gardens in Riverdale for a late + very good Chinese dinner + then picked up a few things for breakfast at 242nd St and went to Sigma Place. Nobody up so we went to the front bedroom, undressed, had a beer + went to bed. Peter doesn’t want any part of Alaria I’m afraid – at least not at the moment but he’s working things out + he may change his mind.