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Up at 7 o’clock. Wrote diary pottered – went off to unemployment about 8:45. Got there at 9:10 + was out with $65.00 in crisp bills in about 15 minutes. Went to the Post office + bought some stamps + came home. Brief talk with Peter before he left – told him I desperately needed someone to talk to as we don’t talk anymore. (This re my visit to Dr. Brooks). I typed up my notes on June Lockhart – called Betty Lamm for a few notes on the Miss USA contest. Went to Pat Walkers at 12 – read some of a rather dumb detective story there. Thence to Contour for steam + massage. Gave Miss Grey a ride home + went out to Beverly Hills to see Dr. Brooks. He is a nice man and it did me a lot of good just to get a lot of all this off my chest. He asked me what happened last August and I couldn’t really answer. I told him I felt that the real depression on Peters part began after he came back from New York last fall – He told me to hide Peter’s gun which was a little scary and he also told me not to withdraw – that Peter’s depression was not my fault and that it was normal at his age. That I shouldn’t feel rejected + should react spontaneously to Peter’s moods. If I felt angry to get angry etc. etc. Also suggested I dress up a little + wear makeup around the house. I came home via the Safeway + bought a melon + a few other things. Fixed ham slices Cafe Martin” for dinner – with spinach + salad. I felt better. And I think maybe I’ll be more of a help to Peter now – we had no mail today except a come-on for some camera company + the Lauria’s bill. I went to bed about 10:30 – read til 12.