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Up fairly early. Grey day. Went to Pat Walkers at 12 o’clock and then went to look at a house on Westmoreland that Emmeline Sniveley had told us about. We’d called the owner, – a Mrs. Davis, this morning. She said the place needed a lot of repairs but I must say I liked it. A nice lawn and a fairly good sized back yard and a lot of room in the house including two wonderful study-type rooms. The asking price is $30,000 and even at that it’s a bargain I think but Peter isn’t too interested. He didn’t go through it – just passed by it. Went to Contour for steam + massage – Mrs. Gray gave me a big bottle of seabreeze. Came home + read a detective story. We went to Timmy’s at 6 o’clock – got there at 6:30 – had a drink + went to the Warner Theatre to sea Dick Erdman’s presentation of Harvey Lembeck’s comedy group. Attractive cast with one exception. Jerry Devine in it + excellent. Some very funny material but insufficiently worked out I thought. Saw Bert Metcalf from afar and Barbara Deutch who looks wonderful. Went back to tell Jerry how much we liked him. Then back to Timmy’s for a good dinner. Watched an alarming special on the Middle East Crisis. It looks like certain war to me.

Timmy has an exciting opportunity with Man Made Angry – all fingers cross.