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Up late and hungover – Peter slept til 1:30 – We had only the briefest talk before he went off to see Dr. Brooks. I called Don Schwartz + asked him if he’d heard anything about the soap opera – I didn’t get it. Oh well. I thought yesterday I’d missed out somehow – any number of reasons. Phone rang and it was Ruth Burch asking me to go read for Bill Tregoe + Curtis Roberts for the part of the wife (Ruth) in “Blithe Spirit” – appt. at 4:45. By then it was after 2:00. Took a bath, made up and put on new dress from Bond’s. Drove downtown to Vari-Ad to pick up the copy for the souvenir booklet – It looks just great. Then went out to Cory Street in West L.A. to read. Stopped en route for a sandwich. Although I’m not familiar with Blithe Spirit I gave a good reading. – It involves six weeks in Chicago which was a bit of a surprise but the way things are now with Peter + me it might be good for us. Bill Tregoe had a cancer operation about a month ago + is now having cobalt treatments. The Tumor was self contained but he’s not taking any chances. Said he’d never been so afraid in his life and I can believe it. Came home via the store + bought some dog food for Humbug – Was depressed over the thought of six weeks away being a “good thing” – Peter had been given some “anti-hostility” pills – his name and had taken one. Dr. Brooks had told him it was very dangerous to drink in a highly depressed state – Which he’s in so had prescribed the pills (“elavil”.) Made arrangements with Mary Parker – ($5.00) for the weekend, Peter cashed a check and we left about 8:30 – stopped en route for a sandwich. Peter terribly tired + odd feeling – Whether the pill or hangover or combination plus a codeine earlier who can say. We got in about 11:30 – First the Crystal Pier + then to Danny’s. June not there. Arthur Lyman is in town and I gather there have been many late nights. Met a Bernard E. Reilly + Jim Isherwood. Saw Ida. Went back to our cottage at 2 am –